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I decided to start this blog to document the Chemtrails i have been seeing over Western Sydney Skies lately.

I have noticed over the last 10 years that the sky is changing ever so quickly. No more do we have the beautiful blue sky days, but they are fading into white hazy days.

Chemtrail Western Sydney 11 Nov 2011 - Fresh Chemtrail being sprayed. See Videos.

These are the video’s that myself and others around Australia and the Globe have captured in our mission to expose the truth about Chemtrails and what Governments around the world do not want you to know. They are secretly spraying us.

I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, i had not researched into any of this by any conspiracy theory websites and only in the recent month was given the term “Chemtrail”. I see myself as an opened minded human being who is educated enough to know when i’m being lied to by Government and Politicians. If you simply research back through history, you will find the lies are just never ending.

Chemtrails Over Western Sydney November 11th, 2011. Note how they fan out

I urge you all to have an open mind, believe in the impossible because in this day and age, the impossible can actually be possible.