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So a few days back i started publishing my own online newspaper “Daily Chemtrail Expose” and was reading through one of todays articles, when i was taken to a website i had not looked at before. What i found was some interesting information from likeminded people in Arizona. The Arizona SkyWatch. Basically the first thing i saw was links to some Air Analysis done via collecting samples of what is in the air in HEPA Filters and haviing them scientifically analysed. These are the findings for 2009. Please Note: These reports were downloaded from Arizona SkyWatch. This is a share of information and please direct all questions about these results to them directly.

Air Analysis Results Above. Please see next picture for Graph information Results vs Toxicity levels of Metals/Minerals Above.

Levels found in the air vs Toxicity Levels

Air Analysis Levels vs Toxicity Levels

Air Analysis Results vs Toxicity levels

So having seen these, im going to continue to do a little research here in Australia and see if i can find any information about Air Analysis being done here. I do know of one researcher in New Haven NSW whom ive been informed has done some water and air testing and would like to get some results from that person also. If any of you have any information similar to the above that you can send through. please email me

SydneyChemtrails Watch. Also iam looking for anyone who would like to contribute to this blog with photo’s, video’s and articles. Please contact me and i can set you up with an administrator account.

Cheers! SC