The Extinction Protocol

January 3, 2013SPACEJust three days into the New Year, and star gazers are in for a treat. On January 3 (starting at midnight tonight and lasting into the morning hours), the Quandrantid meteor shower will put on a show for the Western coast of the United States, as well as Asia. The Quads, as it is more commonly known, typically produce 60 to 200 meteors per hour, but will sadly fall during daylight hours for certain time zones. The Quad showers have been observed since the early 1800s, and are relatively short lived compared to some meteor showers, starting at about midnight tonight. The shower’s peak takes place from approximately 5AM to 6AM PST. Because that places the shower’s best performance after dawn in the Eastern Time zone, those beyond the west will have trouble getting a satisfactory viewing of the event. What makes the Quads…

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