A large (state wide) pulse from the NEXRAD RADAR out of Nebraska… the last few times we’ve seen these very large pulses (much bigger than the normal weather modification pulses we see from time to time)…… the past few time this has occurred, when we’ve seen a LARGE pulse like this, a large earthquake shortly followed in the Pacific.

click image to view full size:

radar pulse jan 20 2013 nebraska final

Will have to wait and see what happens large earthquakes-wise, or if the previous large quakes following large pulses are just a coincidence .

Still visible on these two links here “live” feed…




Here is the back dated NEXRAD RADAR feed for the North Platte Station:


download the gif animation of the NEXRAD feed here:

weather radar pulse jan 20 2013


radar pulse jan 20 2013nebraska1a1

radar pulse jan 20 2013nebraska

radar pulse jan 20 2013nebraska1

radar pulse jan 20 2013nebraska1a

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