Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Met Station Marion Island Tesla

S.A. Space Agency – Electromagnetic Testing at Marion Island


Chris Burger with Amateur radio Call ZS6EZ provides update on Marion Island from his webpage in Pretoria South Africa: (-)

The Prince Edward islands are South African territory, but are considered a separate DXCC entity because of their distance from the mainland. The group consists of two islands, Prince Edward and Marion. As Prince Edward is uninhabited, Marion is the DXer’s only hope of a contact with this country.

Marion Island is home to a weather and research station. It is manned year-round, with crews staying for a year. The annual supply ship comes around April and stays for a few weeks to take care of resupply and base refurbishment. The trusty supply ship, SAS Agulhas, was retired in 2012, and replaced by the more modern and larger SAS Agulhas II. The new ship is a custom-built antarctic…

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