For those who said HAARP @ Gakona, Alaska is the ONLY  facility……. for those who said RADAR does not operate w/ HAARP… for those who said HAARP is only for studying the electrojet… for those who said HAARP cannot generate VLF (very low frequency)..

Bringing this page back from the dead to show that indeed HAARP is a PROGRAM … not just a transmitter in Gakona.

The IRI in Gakona is a huge part of the program , yes …. but not the only part… as with any “program” run by multiple governmental agencies.. multiple locations are involved in the “research”.



        Characterization of  the Modified and Ambient Lower Ionosphere for HAARP using VLF diagnostics :

         It is well documented that localized conductivity perturbations in the D region cause scattering of VLF waves propagating in the earth-ionosphere waveguide. These disturbances are generally caused by localized changes in…

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