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Approximately 230am CST – May 26, 2013 – a RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” appeared over North central Nebraska.

At the same time of the pulse, over the exact same pulsed area, we saw a “ghost storm” along with damaging winds detected.


damaging winds clear night haarp ring may 26 2013 230am ct

RADAR feed of the pulse here:


nebraska haarp ring may 26 2013


The term “ghost storm” comes from early 2011, when we saw multiple “storms” appear on RADAR when no actual storm was present.

This is the case with Nebraska today — a “ghost storm” produced via a high frequency pulse emitted from a RADAR, which causes heating to occur at a distance, plasma generation via radio frequency — as demonstrated in the HAARP experiments (using 4MHz pulses to produce plasma in the atmosphere).

The plasma heating from the RADAR pulse causes convection, ionization, and eventually CCN (cloud condensation nuclei).

In this case, the computer detects a strong cell storm with…

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