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Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7369Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7361Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7355Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7332

This video is running in slow motion.


Eric Dollard The SUN can NOT be seen from space…


Published on Mar 11, 2013

For those of you who think that this is a reflection on my window.

Please have a look at this photo series I just did out of the same window and from exactly the same spot..You will not see two suns.


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  • Claude Leblanc I found this weird too at first but 2 suns would mean we would be gone and dry by now …Sun is a giant fireball and 2 means 2XFire lol Maybe it’s some sort…

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